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Medical Directorship

The CEO of every organization is well aware of the costs associated with employee health and safety, and how these costs diminish the organizations profitability and even viability. Fortune 500 companies know that these costs must and can be managed while optimizing the health and wellbeing of their employees. Corporate Medical Directors provide a significant and unique insight into an organization's health care spending and can develop and implement programs and policies to ensure the highest rate of return on each health care dollar spent.

The Corporate Medical Director assists in the development and implementation of organization-specific health care policies including:

  • Occupational Health Examinations such as those required by OSHA and DOT,
  • ADA and FMLA review and recommendations,
  • Substance Abuse Testing and Counselling,
  • Workers' Compensation Accident and Injury Investigation and disability management,
  • Safety Policies and Procedures, and
  • All Hazards Preparedness.

If your company needs the expertise of a Medical Director, but your needs do not require a full-time Medical Director, Medical Advisory Services can provide these valuable services to your organization on a contractual or intermittent basis. Please contact us to discuss how we can help your organization optimize the health and safety of your employees and ensure you get the most for each health care dollar.

Regulatory Compliance Program Development

Our expert physicians in occupational and environmental medicine allow you to improve the health, safety and productivity of your people. We can assist with development of the following programs:

  • Regulatory compliance programs (OSHA, DOT, NIOSH, ADA, state and local, etc.);
  • Selection and oversight of high ROI (return on investment) specialized benefit programs (Employee Assistance, obesity, diabetes, smoking, etc.);
  • On-site Education and Training programs;
  • New health-related policies and procedures programs;
  • Comprehensive and coherent presentations involving complex medical issues;
  • Interpreting raw data pertaining to particular risks or new regulations; and
  • Risk communication programs based on proven risk perception research delivered by highly-credible, articulate, medical doctors.

Occupational Health Evaluations

Medical Advisory Services works closely with Organizational Health and Safety and Human Resources departments to develop an understanding of their business and risks. We can then assist in the development and delivery of focused Occupational Health Examinations (OSHA, DOT, Pre-placement, Exit and Annual examinations) to promote a healthy work force, ensure regulatory compliance and thereby diminish risk.

We assist our clients with the delivery of these services either through strategic partners at our clients' work-site, which diminishes lost productivity by decreasing time away from work, or through assistance in vetting local occupational health care vendors.

Independent Medical Examinations (IME)

In the United States, workers' compensation is a no-fault system for providing cash benefits, medical care and rehabilitation services to employees with work-related injuries and diseases. Employers and workers' compensation insurance carriers often desire to obtain medical insight from an impartial physician, not involved in the care of the individual, regarding a definitive diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan, and specific causation analysis to improve their understanding of the risks of short and long term disability.

Our process begins with a review of the medical records provided. Our staff is available to organize complex and lengthy medical records for the requestor. The primary benefit of this pre-IME record review is to determine the medical-legal issues in question and determine if there are important missing records. The results of this review will often determine the most appropriate specialist for the review and the necessity of ancillary testing. Medical Advisory Service Physicians are available for phone consultations before or after the file review to discuss management of the medical claim.

Prior to the examination, the individual must complete a medical, occupational and environmental history as indicated by the injury or illness. These histories are reviewed one-on-one with the individual prior to the examination providing an expanded understanding of the circumstances and mechanism of the injury/illness. These examinations may include appropriate laboratory evaluations and other specialized tests as medically indicated upon approval of the requestor.

The expert physicians of Medical Advisory Services have experience investigating injuries for comprehensive history including injury mechanisms, appropriate diagnosis, treatment plans and causality. The expert will determine an accurate, current diagnosis and make recommendations for ongoing treatment. In addition, we will address any other issues relevant to the case, such as causality, reasonableness of care or medical necessity.

  • Organization of medical records; frequently files can be complex and lengthy, so our staff can organize the documents prior to review by the physician.
  • Same-day fax report with initial impressions.
  • Immediate notice by fax for "no-show" claimants.
  • Expedited (24-48 hour) Report service (optional).
  • Comprehensive reports, complaint state's specific requirement including the 4th, 5th and 6th edition of the American Medical Association (AMA) Guides.

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Medical Evaluation for Impairment

The evaluation of permanent impairment and disability, and functional capacity, for the purposes of establishing employability and levels of compensation is an extremely critical function. Each year, billions of dollars are paid out because the livelihood of employees is altered by injuries and illnesses that affect their ability to carry out economically meaningful activities.

Our physicians obtain and analyze relevant clinical data which is then compared to established assessment criteria used to determine a person's impairment ratings. We are trained in the use of American Medical Association (AMA)'s Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.

In addition to the Impairment rating and medical evaluation report, our physicians can determine causal contributions to such injuries and provide expert reports, depositions and trial testimony.

Medical Records Review

For one or hundreds of employees, our medical records review identifies the relevant medical issues, defines the complex health questions, and ensures that all of the medical providers and their corresponding records are reviewed. You will receive a thorough analysis of the person's medical histories. Our medical analysis assists in the determination of whether or not the current and planned treatments are supported by scientific literature and established medical standards of care; whether your work place caused the illnesses; and whether the medical services and duration of care were necessary and appropriate.

Employee Health & Wellness Programs

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